2016 - 2017 Inspection Authorization Refresher Courses

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2016 - 2017 Inspection Authorization Training

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Human Factors Introduction

The basic introduction training focuses on the foundations of the Shell Model, the Reason Model and Contributing Links in the Chain of Events. Using the Dryden Disaster as a case study the student will gain an understanding in how human factors impacts maintenance and service personnel.

Aggravators, Human Factors, Pressure, Stress, Fatigue

The Aggravators are identified as Stress, Pressure and Fatigue. 12 human factors that lead to maintenance errors have been identified and they are entitled the Dirty Dozen. The dirty dozen is typically realized in an out of balance condition where there is too much or not enough that tips the scales towards errors. Three of the human factors, stress, pressure and fatigue may aggravate, distort, or amplify the effects of the remaining 9 factors.


PART 43, MAINTENANCE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, REBUILDING AND ALTERATIONS TRAINING is an in-depth review of PART 43 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Battery Installation and Maintenance

The following topics are covered, Battery Life, Types of Lead Acid Batteries, Safety Precautions, Battery Ratings, Battery Installation, NiCad vs. Lead Acid Batteries, Testing, Charging - Discharging, Battery Conditioning, Battery Removal and Disposal.

Airworthy CFR

Airworthiness is a critical issue in the aviation industry. This one hour training course focuses on issues the mechanic must face as he or she deals with the issue of the airworthiness of aircraft and components. The study includes a close look at the definition of airworthy, the subject of acceptable and approved data, maintenance entries, and the problems associated with compromise in the aviation industry.

Major Repairs and Alterations

Major Repairs & Major Alterations is an in-depth review of regulatory requirements for major repairs and alterations. This review includes data requirements, airworthiness and performance standards, the STC Process and the FAA Field Approval Process. The STC and Field Approval Process is reviewed step by step

Maintenance Minefields

Maintenance Minefields is an overview of minefields that represent danger to the Mechanic / IA within the maintenance environment. The Minefields address the issues of Regulatory Framework, Meaning of Words, Areas of Responsibility, Data, Signatures, Performance Standards, Approved Parts and Professionalism.

Basic Aircraft Fastener Installation

This introduction Course for Basic Aircraft Fastener Installation provides information concerning basic fundamentals of the installation of common threaded fasteners. One of the objectives of this basic course is to provide technicians with the education to effectively install these fasteners with emphasis placed on safe, efficient practices.
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