iaRenewal.com Help and F.A.Q.

Please review the information below for solutions to common issues:

  1. How can I retrieve my username?  Usernames are unique to each user.  The email address you used when you setup your account works as a login username as well.

  2. How can I retrieve my password?  You can retrieve your password here. Please allow 10-15 minutes to receive the password reset confirmation email.  Check your junk mail/spam folder .  If you need more password help click here.

  3. I completed a lesson and the associated quiz but I am missing the green check mark on my Course Progress.  Can I continue with the remaining lessons? The green check marks are only visual representations and do not determine whether or not you are allowed to progress.  If you passed the Quiz then you are able to continue to the next lesson.  The green check mark issue will appear if you do not click  “Click to Continue” button on the results screen.

  4. The name on my Certificate(s) is not correct, can I change the name on it?  Yes you can change the name on your Certificate by editing your account information.  We use your accounts first and lastname from registration.  Change it by clicking here then print your certificate.

If your issue is not resolved with any of the above information, you have a sales question, or further assistance please contact us here.